A note from the owner Cindy~

The floral designer, like the artist, works with form, color, line movement and texture.  Every flower composition starts with an idea. I use my tools: containers, flowers, foliage’s and accents to transform those ideas into reality.  Style comes from imagination without limits and innovative style is my commitment.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of these designs~

From nineteen-eighty-one to nineteen-eighty-four, I competed extensively in floral designing. After nineteen- eighty-four my focus became solely creating for my customers from which I derive the same satisfaction. Here is a list of some of my awards and accomplishments:

  • ASFPD: 18 – 1st Place wins, 9 – 2nd Place wins, 1 – 3rd Place win
  • Frick and Frack; Beyond Imagination~ 1st Place
  • Powerful Lines~ 2nd Place
  • Anglers Expressed; Low Container~ 2nd Place
  • Cafeco : No Limits~ 2nd Place
  • Fairytale Floral Products; Exaggeration~ 2nd Place
  • Little Things; Topiary Design~ 2nd Place
  • Athere Co.; Synthesis of Know How~ 3rd Place
  • Hinton Potteries; Use of black stackable~ 4th Place
  • Beautiful Things; Presentation~ Placed
  • Las Samtina; Technique~ Placed
  • Jiffy Foam; Best Use Of~ Original Design
  • Wild Straw Gifts; Variations of Style~ Best of Show
  • Make it Lyrical~ Best of Show
  • Contribution Awards: Welcome Wagon of Scottsdale~ Rope for Hope~ United Way~ New Song Center~ GIO~ March of Dimes.